Hatch Cover Repairs and Leak Test

Hatch covers are an integral part of ships, used to seal the cargo holds and

Lashing / Unlashing Support to Heavy Lift Cargo Operations

Lashing and unlashing support is a crucial aspect of heavy lift cargo operations, especially when

Heavy Lift Technical Logistical Support

Heavy lift technical logistical support involves providing specialized assistance and expertise for the planning, execution,

Proof Load Testing By Use of Water Bags, Bollard Pull, Tensioning via Calibrated Load Cell

Proof load testing is a crucial process used to verify the structural integrity and load-bearing

Navigation and Communication Equipment Services / Repairs

Navigation and communication equipment are vital components of maritime operations, ensuring the safe and efficient

Hull Cleaning and Salvage Operations

Hull cleaning and salvage operations are important aspects of maritime maintenance and emergency response. They

Underwater Welding and Cutting

Underwater welding and cutting are specialized techniques used for repairing, maintaining, and modifying structures and

In-water Survey Systems

In-water survey systems are technologies and methodologies used to conduct various types of inspections, assessments,

Local Support in Sourcing of Parts & Technical Assistance to Manufacturer Service Engineers

Local support in sourcing parts and providing technical assistance to manufacturer service engineers is essential

Annual & 5 years Inspections on Launching Appliances & Release Gears as Required by SOLAS Convention & IMO MSC./Circ.1206

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for

Inspections & Repairs of Rescue Boat/Life Raft/Provision/Cargo cranes

Inspections and repairs of rescue boats, life rafts, provision cranes, and cargo cranes are essential

Gas & Alcohol Measurements Devices Calibrations

Gas and alcohol measurement devices play a crucial role in various industries, including safety, environmental

Inspection & Service of Accommodation & Gangway Ladders

Inspection and servicing of accommodation and gangway ladders are critical tasks to ensure the safety

Deck & Hull Structure Repairs

Deck and hull structure repairs are critical maintenance activities performed on ships and maritime structures

Marine Surveying

Marine surveying is a specialized field that involves the inspection, assessment, and evaluation of marine

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Repairs

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are widely used in various industries for transmitting power and controlling

Main & Auxiliaries Engines Repair / Overhaul

Main and auxiliary engine repairs and overhauls are critical maintenance activities in the maritime and

Technical Logistical Support to Works / Projects

Technical logistical support to works and projects involves the coordination and management of various technical

Diving Services (In Water Survey, Hull Cleaning, Underwater Cutting & Welding, Salvage Support)

Diving services in the maritime industry encompass a range of underwater activities that are essential

De-Rusting & Painting / Steel Work Upgrading & Maintenance

De-rusting, painting, steelwork upgrading, and maintenance are crucial activities in the maritime industry to ensure